Custom Made Opal Jewelry

Custom made opal jewellery is the true expression of you. Unlike mass produced pieces the jewel will be handmade and fabricated to your express wishes and exact measurements. No two will be the same and your little piece of luxury will live on as an heirloom – beautifully made with a story to tell.

There are a number of ways to realise your dream piece and in all instances we can help you with this.

Allow us to make your desire a reality

We have been working with opal and designing jewelry for over 20 years. We are passionate about creating jewels that tell your story and will stand up to many years of wear. Working in combination with our jeweler and you, we help bring your beautiful opal to life. We can also source multiple other gems and have become expert in matching opal with not only diamonds but other gemstones such as sapphires, tourmalines and tsavorites.


Jewelers we know and recommend

Sometimes it may be easier to work with a jeweller in your part of the world. In this case we have a number of jewellers we can recommend for work around the globe. All of them love opal and have worked with it for many years. Many are award winning and are happy to work with our customers in person, over the phone or by email. For a full list of jewelers click here.

Gregory Crawford – Georgia, USA

Greg works with many exclusive stores in the USA, creating bespoke pieces for their clients. We are so lucky that Greg has agreed to work with us and our clients directly. As a award winning jeweller whose work is showcased in the Smithsonian, you can expect Greg to produce only the very best. Old school, the process will include full color hand renderings of your design for approval before work is started. All jewellery is handmade and no CAD is used at all. To work with Greg, please email us for an introduction.

Annette Gabbedy – Frome, UK

Annette came to our attention via YouTube and we really admired her work. Sculptural and elegant, much of her work is bespoke and she also has a great passion for opals. Based in Frome, Somerset, she had been a jeweller for almost 25 years and is very experienced. Most recently she worked with a client to create this stunning dress ring. Go to our jewellers page for her details or email us for an introduction.


Use your Jeweler

Many clients already know a jeweler and prefer to utilise this relationship. We totally understand and to be honest it is sometimes easier when you already have a certain shorthand with a designer. We do however like you to make sure that your jeweler is familiar with opal and has worked with it fairly often. As you have no doubt gathered, opal is a unique gemstone and not widely available or understood. This means that many jewellers whilst having exentsive experience with other gems and diamonds will not have had the opportunity to work with opal on a regular basis and so may not have the correct equipment or be familiar with the techniques used to handle such a gem. To ensure you are comfortable with your jeweller setting your opal we have designed a checklist of questions to ask your jeweler. In the end, you need to be happy with your choice!


So, whether it’s using us, one of our network or your own jeweler, make sure you are happy!

  • Daniel Kaiser

    Justin, I have to make wedding bands for my daughter, and her fiancé. My idea is to use damask stainless steel bands with a groove of 2.5mm wide x 2mm deep, cut 6 pieces of opal shaped like a keystone so they’ll fit tight. Use black epoxy to fit to the ring, because the opal will be crystal and I want a dark background. Shape, and finish with 200,000 grit diamond paste. After reading about jewelers knowing how to use opal, does this sound feasible to pull off?
    I was going to make the rings with a high dome, but then the opal would stand out proud of the metal and prone to scratching, and impact. Now I’ll try to keep them as low as I can and let the metal take the abuse. I hope you can follow my description, because I need your input with this idea, plus I’ll be buying at least 400-600 dollars US on 3 opals from you.
    Can opal withstand an acid bath? If it can it’ll make my job a whole lot easier by etching the rings after pre-polishing.
    ANY ideas you have that can help, please let me know.
    I want to thank you for all the ideas you have shown on your vids. They have shown me the love for opals, and care for newbs like me.
    My daughter thinks I can do anything, so I have to pull this off.
    Thanks again, O’dan Kaiser

    • Blackopaldirect

      Hi Daniel Hmm a tough one with Damascus. I think what you are referring to is inlay opal that you can inlay in the groove and polish to the same level as the ring itself. Acid bath Im not sure about but I don’t think it would be good for the opal. It will be difficult and have never seen it before but I have with gold and silver.
      Do you mean like this ring the opal is inlayed?

      • Daniel Kaiser

        Hey Justin, that ring looks nice, pretty black opal but mine has opal all the way around, and without the gold divisions. I don’t have the lore to attach opal to the ring like that, why I’m going to use the black epoxy. IF I cut the angles right, 30 degrees on the edges, plus the overall length of the 6 pieces there won’t be need of much epoxy. I know that IF is pretty big, square cuts, perfect angles, perfect length.
        It looks like a pretty tall order to fill, especially with a dremel cut off saw, but I’m known to pull off this kind of job. I had to think about the acid on opals. Look what happens to andamooka opals when they get near acid. Underneath this reply box is a discussion “Taking risks with opal: will the gamble pay off?” Around $600 for opals, $180 for 38mm of damask. I called a friend who has this top end watch makers lathe to see if I could borrow it, but his wife informed me he had passed away. she wants to sell it, I have to go next week to look at it and figure what price.
        I will be using the tips you show for hand rubbing opals, which I find more satisfying and less error prone than using power tools.
        I have to say I’m starting to feel excited and worried about this project.
        If I order opals and then order more later you’ll know I ran into a snag.
        Thanks again O’dan