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Win This Semi Black Opal: Comment and Win

And the winner is….. Janie!

“Black opal is magical to look at and sentimentally Australian. My favourite present as an 8 year old was opal earrings.”

There were many other lovely comments too and we thank all of you for entering.

Win this beautiful 1.08ct semi black opal valued at $400

Entering is easy, simply tell us why you love opal in 25 words or less in the comments section below and your name will go into the draw.

See the opal here

Each time you share this on Facebook or Google, tweet it on Twitter or pin it on Pinterest, you will get another entry into the draw (remember to tag us in). So, the more times you share the more chances you have to win.

But remember, you have to make a comment below to be in the draw.

Entries close 8pm Australian Eastern Standard time Sunday 26st June 2016.

Good luck!

The opal is a 1.08 ct semi black opal 9x7x2.5mm from Lightning Ridge, Australia and has nice green, blue and orange colors. The gem is perfect for a ring and looks at you from most angles.

  • sheldon sadwin

    I love opals because they contain the colors of the universe. No one is the same and every one can be a calidiscope of colors.

  • Gael Kitchin

    I would love to win this. I have always been fascinated with depth and mystery of opals. Make my day lol

  • Savannah Ditty

    Opal has easily become my most beloved gemstone. Every twist and turn you see a new flash of extraordinary color!

    • William carbury

      i love opal because nothing brings the vibrancy or the almost sichadelic dream scape of colours that you only really se in the arorabrialis in the northern lights your work everyday must be uforic and mindblowingly wonderful thanks william glitter boy for the chance to own such a stunning stone

      • Blackopaldirect

        Haha thanks it has already been won last week 🙂 But thanks

  • Chris Johnno Johnston

    I love Opal simply since I held my first Opal at 7 or 8 I never forgot it. Finally now get to play with it

  • Keegan Russey

    what a happy stone, it would be so lovely to win such a stone!

  • Keegan Russey

    what a happy Opal, it would be so lovely to win such a stone!

  • Michael wehling

    I love opal because of all the beautiful colors it presents. The multiple colors also represent all of the chakras. I want a black opal for my girlfriends engagement ring we started dating in October so the opal is also representive of our anniversary!!!

  • Liga Kaulina

    Beauty of colour, the beauty of Earths creations. The magic light just capture your eye, and makes you smile, because from ordinary nobby shows up extraordinary stone. Opal can make anybody happy 🙂 would love to win this one. Cheers!

  • Kristy Snow

    Fell in love with opals many years ago when my grandparents bought a pair of earrings for me which unfortunately got stolen

  • Tonia

    I love opals so much and now my little girls (5&2) love them. One calls them ovals and the other calls them egg surprises. 🙂

  • Scott Joseph Grant

    Opals are beautiful. Especially black opal. Goal in life is to learn how to find and polish these beauties and other gems 😍😍

  • Rami Chanel

    Opals are my birthstone and I got my first one on my 6th birthday. I was fascinated by the array of colors and I loved the smooth surface. This fascination led me to get my first gem encyclopedia (for children of course ^_^) and to start my own semi-prescious stone collection. After all these years, opals are still my favorite gemstone. I love how no two are exactly alike in either color or pattern. They are each uniquely beautiful.

  • Miranda G

    I love opals because it is the only stone that has a million sparkly colours and remind me of cosmic galaxies! So magical!

  • Brock R. Gemberling

    Opal is my stone of birth. The gem that encompases all gems. It’s beauty is that of color being born. Of fire and water combined.

  • picard

    Je suis fascinée par les opales car il n’y en a pas deux pareilles. Elles ont des couleurs magnifiques et des palettes merveilleuses d’harmonies. Elle mériterait de faire partie des pierres précieuses . Elles sont extraordinaires !

  • kelsey

    Opal is my son’s birthday, it fits perfect to his beautiful, mysterious, feirce, personality. I would love to wrap this into a beautiful necklace. 😍😍😍

    • kelsey, again. 😂

  • Danny Wiley

    I have always been fascinated by opals because of their history. Looking at an opal is like looking into a rainbow. They are one of the best known and most popular of all phenomenal gemstones.

  • Michelle Lester

    I don’t like them, I LOVE them!! No 2 are the same and each have their own mysterious personality that can match you on any given day. #blackopaldirect @blackopaldirect

  • Héloïse Collin

    Opals are fire and water blended in the same immortal transparency.
    Their wonderful and mysterious color play are a language in itself.
    Unique, unrivaled stones

  • Angel Dean Brown

    wowzer what a real beauty!!!

  • Noe Villalobos

    Opal is a masterpeice created by God and it’s fire takes you on a journey that no other gemstone does.

  • Krista

    I love opals! They are my favorite gemstone! Yours are the best! They are as individual as people.

  • Lorraine Lynn Gilmer

    Opal is mine and my Great-grandmother Elmi’s birthstone. And rightly so as Oct is also mysterious. They remind me of her.

  • Michael Loizou

    Justin I want to say that I have been following your social media for the past few months now and I am hooked. I would be so so so pleased if I could win this opal. Many many thanks!

  • William carbury

    wow wow O M G two own a opel washed cut cleaned polished by the master of the stones its a sublime dream anything you touch Justin comes to the unbelievable wat better way to learn but to look at this prize every day and work on our own opal to try and reach this top sublime standard that you have achieved william glitterboy2000

  • Danielle Cousineau

    I would love to win this because my mom and grandfather got me into loving opals amazing things so beautiful as opals and many other gems come from this earth. It’s my moms birth stone and having seen small jars of opals that my grandpa has that he got I believe in the early 70s from Australia. Just beautiful colors and fascinating. Sorry it’s more than 25 words, they are just amazing

  • Lisa Larizadeh

    Why choose a single-colour gemstone when you can choose opal with all the colours of the rainbow…? ❤️💚💙🌈

  • William carbury

    THANKS JUSTIN just wat i needed thanks a million sticks wax brilliant william glitterboy2000

  • Janie

    Black opal is magical to look at and sentimentally Australian. My favourite present as an 8 year old was opal earrings.

  • Krista

    Opals are the most amazing gem in creation!

  • Jolita Johnson

    In our family Opals have ALWAYS been a tradition. My daughter, grandmother and I have jewelry all made from the same chunk of opal.

  • Jenney Hardman

    I imagine the opal is a gem congealed in the manner that hope does, that faith does, that forever promises do; like rainbows
    after storms. <3

  • Jamie Mckeown

    Its my 10 yr old daughter that holds the fascination! Can’t walk past jewellers without her stopping and getting lost in the stones beauty!

  • Lisa

    My 19 year old knew nothing about opals but saw one and fell in love. It’s beauty and fire is a sight to behold.

  • Terry Lambert

    A diamond is a girls best friend. A dog is mans best friend. An opal is your true love.

  • Alan Amsden

    They are just all around amazing stones! I started collecting them last year and fell in love holding my first one!!! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  • Catherine Bereza

    Opals have a mystical beauty like no other & the colors are elemental. My love for Opals is the reason I started making jewelry.

  • I love these Lightning Ridge Opals because even if one peak’s at you it’s luster and mystery pulls you deeper, and when they just open up to you the array of colors can bring gasps, and move with an inner life of their own,

  • Dale Hodder

    I love opal because they are (in my opinion) natures greatest masterpiece, whilst a product of fortuitous geological circumstance and anthropogenic craftsmanship.

  • Melanie Hayes

    Opals are FABOO!!! 💓😻👍🏼👯👯👯

  • wendy Harris

    Opals flirt with my senses and romance my soul