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Win This Opal – name the colors!

It’s competition time again!

This amazing opal is up  for grabs. Don’t you just love the colors? So many varieties of blue and green. I count at least six colors I can name. What about you? How many can you see?

Simply leave a comment below to be entered into the draw. For more entries, like, comment and share on Facebook. Good Luck!


Opal Competition

Entries are open to everyone and close this Friday 21st June at 5pm AEST. The winner will be announced right here on the blog.






  • Dan Shill

    I see at least four shades of green alone, along with some lovely blues, a flash of gold, and even some purple and red. Exquisite!

  • Sandra Lee Schick Doscher

    neon blue, midnight blue, sapphire blue, hot neon pink, neon lime green, grass green, dark sea green, touch of purple and earth brown….gorgeous!

  • Dianna Austin

    lemon yellow, lime green, cobalt blue, lavender , misty green, kelly green, royal blue, thalo blue navy blue, midnight blue, beautiful!

  • Shirley Shanley

    i see purple, turquoise, blue, green, neon green, pink. this is an absolutely beautiful opal and i thank you for giving us the chance to win such an incredible gift.

  • stewart

    purple, violet, lemon, lime, indigo, midnight blue, navy blue, mid blue, royal blue, cobalt blue, leaf green, mid green, blue green, neon green, sea foam , perfect for a men’s jewellery

  • John Vargas

    The colors that I see are shades of blue, green, black, red, purple and grey.
    What amazes me the most is that the stone looks like an old oval map of the Planet Earth as in the center you can see the outline of North and South America.
    This is a beautiful stone!

  • Amy Leinart Mills

    I love the black opals, I would love to own one, it would be loved. 🙂

  • Sandib5453

    midnight blue, royal blue,ocean blue, peridot green,seafoam green, green turquoise, light jade and earth brown colours

  • Kym Vaughn


  • Whitney Cooney

    Blue, indigo, violet, hot neon pink, neon green, emerald green, black. It is amazing! Remember my name when picking the winner! I reeeeaaaaalllllyyyy want this. It would be a perfect birthday present for my husband..lmao.

  • Name

    What beautiful colors:)

  • Heather

    Very beautiful:)

  • Rebecca Blain

    Can’t wait to go back to lightning ridge! Never going to grow old of this

  • franki’s folly

    I could stare at this beauty for hours! The royal blue & purple with just a touch of pink, the aqua, olive & neon greens, and especially the framed heart just below & left of the center! Simply phenomonal!

  • Marva

    It looks like a picture of Mother Earth from space with clouds and the sun rising! Greens, blues, black, brown, purple, white, aqua, chartreuse…..the colors of our world!

  • Robert Wyllie

    Love the greens and blues in Black Opal.

  • Christina Thorenz

    I see the green of the rain forest, a blue lagoon, velvety purple, midnight-blue, grassy-green, the color of the earth seeing from the moon, the turquoise waters of the Antilles and of course my beloved “kreischgrün” (german word… means something like “screeming green”).

    • Blackopaldirect

      Christina You have won the opal this time CONGRATULATIONS!

      • John Vargas

        Congratulations Ms. Christina!

  • Tanya Sha-Lo

    i am mesmerized by this opal 🙂 so many shades of blue/green oh and pink

  • nurrgula

    Liked and shared , and commented on Facebook. Twitted, g+’ed. And also here I have to say – WONDERFUL stone!

  • Wendy Harris

    ultraviolet , midnight blue, turqoise,Lime green,Royal purple,sea green ,saphire and Jade .
    Simply Beautiful

  • Caroline

    Absolutely ♥♥♥ this Opal !!!! So Beautiful!!! 🙂

  • Ewelina Kuzawińska-Tymosiak

    Amazing and so colourful-true piece of nature art:)

  • Danny

    Such a beautiful opal. The combination of blues are amazing! I see turquoise, indigo and many shades of green including lime. I see purple and navy too.

  • Norvegi

    i found this colors
    violet, pink, lime, green, blue, white,MediumTurquoise ,light green,magneta

  • Michael Rohman

    The colors are electric! A nice display in the blue and green spectrum of colors. It looks like an alien planet. Hmm, an idea for a setting design?

  • Linda Garman

    Neon, forest, and emerald greens, ocean and midnight blues; gorgeous and my birthstone to boot!!!!!!

  • Blackopaldirect

    Nice work people Keep up the good work. There are many colors I see

  • swampfox

    The stone looks like the globe and fittingly displays ocean blues, forest greens, neon lime greens, purples, lilacs, teals, blue greens, and blacks.

  • steve loika

    I see light, medium and dark Green. Bright neon green. some bright blue/purple, and a dash of magenta. Some black potch, and it looks like the stone is a little transparent along the edge above the name because it looks like you can see a little sand that would be on the bottom of the stone? As always, Very nice opal here at blackopaldirect. Thanks Justin

  • Heather Lynn

    I can see neon blue, neon green, aqua green, grass green, dark green, fluorescent green, gray, black, midnight blue, royal blue, dark neon pink……it’s a very beautiful opal for sure:)

  • Kasia Tatar

    electric blue, minty green, a flash of fuchsia and a splash of lime and the rest is the best named colour – aqua! (and showing my age, it is the colour of the water in the advertising of a certain flammable product that although named after mountainous regions was always located on a beach!)

  • Blackopaldirect

    Christina Thorenz You have won the opal this time CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you for all the entries.

  • Jackielwn

    The colours I see are

    Sky blue

  • Camilla Bergenheim

    Azure blue, peacock blue, Turquoise blue, Turquoise Green, Emerald green, Amazon green, River green, Earth green, EArth Blue, Ocean Blue, Peridot green, Lime green, Black Opal Rays, Rainbow colored rays, Moon rays, Opal colors, Planetary blue and green colors, Forest Sea weed green.

  • Yellow

    Interesting… Did you know that language defines what colours our brain can actually see? If you have a word for a colour then you can see it much easier.

    The Himba have 5 colours vrs our base 11. Yet they can see very specific greens as different colours where we just see the same. While they also can’t tell a green placed right in the middle of blues. The difference is invisible to them (and us) without a word to go along and tune our brain.

  • Mondy C. Danesh

    It’s like a photo of Earth; so many colors of our natural world. It’s amazing, and absolutely breathtaking.

  • colton simianer

    green, blue, green/blue, yellow, purple, aqua veary nice looking stone good luck everyone !

    • Richie

      This contest is from 2013.
      A winner was chosen looong ago 😉

      • colton simianer

        Yup thanks rounds that out awhile ago lol

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  • billbill8681

    I suggest crystal night!

  • Light blue, dark blue, green, blue, dark green, light green, shadow pink, and bright purple are the colors of the opal

    • What about the most valuable color red?

  • mick malinowski

    i see-
    royal blue, sea blue, electric blue, violet, electric green, bio-hazard green, parrot green, pear green, lightning blue, yellowish blue, yellowish green, greenish yellow, blueish yellow, easter egg blue, continental blue, rain forest green. evergreen green, evergreen blue(?), ultraviolet blue, purple, eggplant, cosmic blue, indigo, fresh mowed grass….
    there are probably 100000 more…
    beautiful stone!!!

  • Helen Janes

    Royal blue, lime green, torquoise, neon pink and mauve, and limpet pools of black

  • larry erke jr

    amethyst purple, emerald green, chrome diopside green, chrysoprase green, tsvaorite garnet green, hackmanite blue, hiddenite green, iolite blue, jade green, kyanite blue, period green, sapphire cobalt blue, sapphire midnight blue, sapphire deep blue, sapphire royal blue, spectrolite blue, aaa grade tanzanite blue. submitted by larry erke jr good luck to everyone else

  • Sebastien Melbourne

    Gazing into this opal will send you on amazing journey into the long forgotten past, the present and the ever changing future. Let the opal tell you its story using the universal language of colours. let it tell you about the ancient evergreen forests of the north or the once vast navy blue oceans that have since then dried up and changed to rich fertile lime green grass fields, the dark green of the mysterious living jungles. Or the timeless stasis of sapphire cobalt blue ice lakes the poles. indulge in the beauty of turquoise blue leading you into endless coral reefs. Life in the present can take on many different shades of colours as well. Bright pink screams out: look at me and reach out to me. The sky answers the call and lets the crystal blue passionately waltz with life. (WE represent the pink ). The future is ever-changing and unclear. We have the power to mould it. Opal reminds us of how small changes can make big differences. A slight tilt to one side and you have completely different perspective. Oddly enough, THIS opal resembles our own planet earth! Who knows what the future will bring us. Will pink dance with blue for eternity?
    Or will these colours morph to emerald green and passion red? If you understand the language of colour, black opal will give you the answers you seek!

    Thank you
    Sebastien Melbourne
    (from Canada)