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What not to do with opal

We love opal and we love that you love it too!

Opal is fun, it’s about discovery and very often joy. We all need much more of that in our lives – right?

Watch Justin as he takes you though some of the extremes and gives you a “taste” of how opal is not like diamond (although I doubt diamond would recover from some of this either).

 CAUTION: This video is not educational but it may make you smile.

  • Brett

    Thanks for the laugh!

  • Mika

    Funny Video !

  • Christy Turner

    Love it! Very funny!

  • multiculturegurl44

    TOO FUNNY!!!! 10 grand? I very seriously doubt, that Justin, would have been that careless, with an opal that cost that much.

  • Ronald Rogowski

    Do you know how many times I did No#5. But love it

  • bruce


  • Dianne

    oh here we go again with swallowing opals … havent we milked that scenario to death yet? lol ….. nahhhh that one has got years of giggles left in it 🙂