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Video: Teaching Kids to Cut Opal

Kids love messing around and if there is water involved they seem to enjoy it more. Today we thought you might like to see Justin teaching kids to cut opal. It’s school holidays over here – almost four weeks with the kids home – in winter! Finding things to do that don’t involve a screen can be challenging so enjoy Justin’s tips for cutting with kids – as well as a useful tip from Saxon as well.

I warn you though, Saxon is a giggle pot and the old adage,  ‘You shouldn’t work with children or animals’,  is certainly true!

Have you tried to teach a child to cut opal? How did it go? Did they enjoy it as much as you?






  • piclaude

    Vraiment trop mignon le gamin et la scène du début de la vidéo est très sympathique. Il doit faire du cinéma. La pièce taillée et polie par lui est très prometteuse pour le futur. Bravo et continuez comme cela. Best Regards. Claude

    • Blackopaldirect

      HI Claude vous remercie pour les paroles aimables. Mon fils est un enfant fou, mais beaucoup de plaisir. Je suis heureux que vous avez apprécié le clip concerne Justin

  • Marlene

    Hi Justin ~
    What a great video! It was wonderful to see Saxon and you helping to guide future Opalists! Please keep up the great work. God bless from America.

    • Blackopaldirect

      HI Marlene Thank you for the very kind words. My son is learning through osmosis just being around me as opal is in our lives everywhere. Regards

  • Christy Turner

    I Love this video! Saxon made me laugh because he couldn’t stop laughing! He has turned into a pro though. Watching him handle the machines and turn up with a nice cab was amazing! Good advice about an apron too, when I forget, I get drenched!!