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New Website (with better search)

Last year in Tucson I started muttering that it was time for a new website – 15 months later and its finally here!

You might ask; “So other than some pretty pictures, what is new and do I care?”

  1. Search by weight. You’ve always been able to search by price but now you can search by weight as well. Looking for a sweet little ring stone? Type in 1.50-2.50 carats and the perfect opal for an engagement ring with jump out at you!
  2. You can also search by shape and predominant color and unlike the old website, every cut opal is searchable this way (if you find one without all its attributes please let us know.)
  3. The WISHLIST! This is my favourite bit and hopefully you will find it handy too. Add as many stones as you like to your wishlist to keep your favourites in one place. If also allows you to easy reference and compare opals when wanting to whittle your choice down to one particular stone.
  4. Opal TV. A much improved video gallery with all videos organised by subject – so you can easily find what you want!
  5. Using our site on your mobile phone or tablet? Now we make it easier to view and to buy on the run with a clear layout and easy to use checkout page. It’s called “responsive ” in tech speak 🙂
  6. Trade and Wholesale options. Are you a reseller or designer? Looking for an opal for a client? Please fill in this form here to see if you quality for our trade program.

All this has been possible with your support and feedback so thank you. If you find errors and feel something is missing – as always we want to know! Either leave a comment below, message us via Facebook or email us.

There are even more fun things in the pipeline to come which we hope to bring you over the next few months. In the meantime, enjoy and happy exploring!

  • John Sims

    Sorry, Justin. I hit the wrong key and my unfinished message was sent, with (I think) a spelling mistake in it at the end before I could correct it. The message disappeared.
    If you receive it, would you please contact me so we can “continue the discussion”?

    • Blackopaldirect

      Hi John I got this message 🙂 what would you like to talk about?

      • John Sims

        G’day, Justin!
        It was about the spelling mistakes in the text.
        My comments are not meant as a criticism, rather they’re meant to show you how much better the pages could be if the mistakes weren’t there (and they shouldn’t be, if a bad impression is not to appear).
        I’ll print out a couple of pages and send them down to your PO box.
        Thanks, John

        • Blackopaldirect

          Okay thank you John that is very kind of you. 🙂 No criticism is bad as it can help to become better. 🙂