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Blue Opal: New Arrivals

Blue opal reminds me of long summer days  – particularly that late evening time when the sun has gone down but its not completely dark. Blue opal also reminds me of the deep sea. Has anyone been on a cruise and watched the ocean when there is no land for hundreds of miles? Deep, deep indigo blue.

We have a number of  rough opal stones with many pieces exhibiting lots of blue that have just arrived fresh from the mines of Lightning Ridge.

One of the most common colours, blue hued opals are  also some of my favourites. They are characterized by deep saturated blue ranging from a mysterious navy to a happy turquiose. Many of the stones are in the darker range – combined with violets and purples.

The wonderful thing about blue opal is that it often occurs in larger sized pieces and so many parcels have stone that may even be great for carving.

UPDATE: These opals have now sold. You can search for blue using the predominant color dropdown menu in the shop HERE.

  • Bill Mattis

    I am reluctant to purchase rough from you again. The parcel I bought was mostly rubbish. The two large pieces were black potch ( I sliced them up for doublets some day). The only pieces with color were so sand-shot that they may be available for doublets or triplets. For $480, I may get a yield of $50. You had to know the value of that parcel I showed the parcel, before and after, to my opal class.

    • Blackopaldirect

      Hi Bill I am sorry the opal did not work out for you. ;-/ I would understand if you didn’t want to buy again. Sometimes sand can beat opal and not even I can tell if it will. That is the risks of rough opal. If you had not roughed the opal you could have sent it back for a refund no problems at all. Its a hard one for me to gauge as there are many different degrees of opal cutting expertise. And I don’t know where most people are at with there cutting experience. If you do buy again from me, make sure you ask me about the parcel in question and I will look through it carefully for you and give you my honest opinion on it. That way you can be clearer on a parcel and what you can expect from it. Also I will look after you as they last was not good for you. I do hope you do return. Regards Justin

  • Donaldk Trump

    maybe would be nice if you cut a parcel that isn’t selling once in a while and show what you cut out of it.

  • Lefty

    On the topic of blue opal (bearing in mind I know very little about opal)…
    I went fossicking a while ago with a mad-keen fossicker – this bloke is either at work, asleep or prospecting. We were only after quartz crystals near my home in this case. He told me how he had found a piece of precious opal in our local area – between Gladstone and Bundaberg. I was a bit sceptical as I had never heard of such a thing. My understanding was that precious opal is generally formed in what was ancient seabed sediments although there can be a volcanic relationship in some cases.
    Later, he showed me the stone. It was a piece of brownish sandstone-looking material about the size of the palm of a man’s hand. In the centre was a piece of opal about an inch and a half long, roughly figure-8 shaped. I’m not sure exactly how to describe the type – it was straight out two-toned blue with no other colours. A deep blue on a lighter blue, both very vivid and intense. The pattern I guess I would have to describe as pinfire. It was a very nice looking stone despite being monochrome. It did not look like boulder opal.
    Of course, it could have come from elsewhere. I asked a friend who once mined it, he said he has also hear that rumour of opal in our area though had never seen it. A while ago I was on a property close to the area he says he found it and the owner mentioned that gas-exploration geologists had been on his property a couple of years ago and told him that there had been a seabed here at some stage. We went for a walk and the granite boulders that make up the ground began to give way to weathered, deeply dissected sandstone – igneous to sedimentary.
    So what we appear to have is the remains of an ancient seabed with volcanic cores sticking up through it.
    I’ve yet to find any but it certainly is interesting.

    • Blackopaldirect

      Yes I have had a similar story to what you are saying but in inland from Charters Towers. A friend who used to live there showed me some boulder opal he found in a creek bed and it was in fact boulder opal. My guess is their will be pockets of it hiding in places we don’t know about yet. But that is really interesting about a seabed this close to the ocean. I have only heard of the ancient inland sea. Thanks for your experiences Lefty