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How to make and identify an opal doublet

We have some doublets that have been made by us here.

Opal doublets are a fantastic way to achieve a great looking black opal at a fraction of the price of a solid. For may of us, they are a great choice when looking for a champagne taste opal on a beer budget. We have covered doublets in the past here and here, but thought you might like a newer one with a few more tips and detail.

In this video we show you how a doublet is made. This video will enable you to have a go in making your own – or – if you are not into lapidary – at least give you a head start on what a good quality doublet opal should look like and allow you to talk like a pro when purchasing one!

As you will see from the video, choosing and making a good quality opal doublet is all about your backing material – in our case we only use potch (colorless opal) and some good quality 2 pack glue.

Happy watching and I would love to hear your stories – have you made doublets before? Do you own a beautiful one? Click to comment and as always, we are happy to answer your questions.


  • ray lye

    Justin…..thank you for your news letter. I am starting to do some simple work on lapidary using cheap quartz. later when i am better i shall like to buy some rough from you .Your black opal stones are so attractive. As with so many out there, i appreciate and thank you for so much info you give on your videos. wish you well, regards. ray lye

    • Blackopaldirect

      Hi Ray you are welcome on the video. I will be here when you need me. I will have some new rough opal in the next few weeks

  • Greensacre

    Thanks for the tip using the black power. I have made many doublets & triplets from Spencer Idaho opal, gluing to a black basalt base.

    • Blackopaldirect

      Yes you can use any dark base including black glass. Anything will work as long as you use the oxide powder. You will get the black in the opal

  • Nina Lara Novikova

    I cannot find black oxide you are showing in this video. Where do you buy it? If I use black epoxy – will it be the same?

    • Blackopaldirect

      You can buy the black oxide powder from any hardware store 😊

      • Nina Lara Novikova

        Thank you, found it. Black Iron Oxide – right? I was looking for exact same can you were showing in a video. Found other options. I cut some opals and they came out very nice, but not thick enough to put them into a jewelry. I was thinking adding some backing and they look much better on a black background. Will experiment.

        • Blackopaldirect

          yes that is it. If the piece of opal is clear enough for the black backing to darken the piece then it is worth it. The whole reason for making a doublet is to make it mimic and black opal. I hope this helps