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Happy holidays and a funny video just for you

What a year it as been! We have loved serving you and bringing you all some absolutely magical opal. We hope that you all have a safe and happy Christmas and holiday.

In true Black Opal Direct form we would like to share our holiday message with you all. Hope you laugh as much as we did in making it.

We are having a holiday from Monday 17th December – Monday 7th January 2013. We will be checking emails but only periodically so please be patient with us.

See you in 2013!

Best wishes,

Justin and Ruth


  • Jose Rodrigues

    Crazy guy… LOL …. Merry Christmas for you and you family too… Bye for now ….


    Hello Justin Happy new year and thank’s for the funny video. I hope that the opal in 1’10” is ok and your son is very funny. En tout cas merci et encore Bonne année et comme en France que le meilleur de 2012 soit le pire en 2013

    • Hi Piclaude thakns for the nice words. You are welcome with the video hehe. Happy New Year