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Gems emerge from rough opal

Gems emerge from rough opal…

Sometimes its a real challenge to work out what to do with a piece of rough opal.

While Justin may be the expert, he also finds time spent examining a piece of rough is important.

The nobby in this video has been sitting in the safe for awhile now. Every now and then Justin would take it out of the safe..walk around with it and in different lights examine it. In Justin’s mind “It shows beautiful color and has much promise” – he simply doesn’t want to get it wrong….as we all know once you polish it away you can’t replace it.

In this  video shows Justin roughing out the stone, its problems and the solutions he comes up with. In his viewpoint ‘patience ‘ is the key..and ‘take it slowly’.

View the end result … it might surprise you!

  • stationexp1

    How many carats were in the stones when done?

    • Richie

      I believe the 2 stones are:
      3.28ct. – 11×9.5x4mm
      1.28ct. – 7x6x4mm

    • Blackopaldirect

      Richie is correct Thanks for watching

  • Danny Wiley

    Fantastic video and so informative. Really enjoy watching the process from rough to amazing! Thanks for showing this Justin.

    • Blackopaldirect

      You are welcome Danny I am glad you enjoyed

  • Bob Bayfield

    Thanks for your continuing education and happy cutting!

    • HI Bob Thank you for the kind words. I will as long as I live 🙂

    • Blackopaldirect

      Hi Bob thanks for watching 🙂

  • Lord have mercy

    Well done Justin! This is Laura from Cape Town by the way.

    • Blackopaldirect

      HI Laura 🙂 thanks are nice stones