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Drilling Opal

Drilling opal requires a little expertise and a lot of patience. Watch Justin as he shows you the best way how.

  • Don Carnevale

    Hi Justin, I just watched your video method for holes in Opal. I guess
    I’m partial to pilot holes and diamond bits. I first drill a 1/16th”
    pilot hole very slowly all the way through! Then increase the bit size
    to my desired Dia. needed, sometimes by small increments until I reach
    the size needed, then a reamer bit to finish the hole edge. I really
    like a Dremel drill press using a Dremel drill motor with variable
    speeds and DIAMOND tipped bits, Great Combo! To hold the material I’m
    working on I like a firm modeling clay that can air dry, on a block of
    wood large enough to hold the stone and easy to hold onto while being
    worked on.

    With Regards and Respect!

    Don Carnevale your Email Buddy!

    • Blackopaldirect

      Hey Don my friend Yes a pilot hole is always good as the smaller the hole the less chance of damage to the opal. And making your way to larger size drill bits will help also. Thank you for sharing that tip Don. Your a good man!

  • Alan

    Justin, I believe if you too a piece of stiff wire and bent it like a C, with one end aligned to the first hole, then visually bent the other side to align so both ends meet that that would give you a little more precision on drilling the other side. A nice video. I appreciate your page. It is always informative. Respectfully Alan

    • Blackopaldirect

      Hey Alan Yes that is a great idea to get the two holes perfectly aligned in the opal. Thank you for sharing that tip. It’s a better idea than just using your eye like I did…

  • Marlene

    Yet another great video on how to work opal. I love the leasons that you share with all of us. Please keep them coming. Marlene

    • Blackopaldirect

      Thank you Marlene it is kind of you to say such nice words. I will endeavor to help you all with the unique secrets of opal.

  • MHT

    Hello Dear Justin,
    You have not said which type of drill bit you are using. Hard steel or diamond impregnated bit ? And also what speed is advisable ?

    Thanks & Regards

    • Blackopaldirect

      Hello MHT I use a diamond drill bit with a flat head and a medium speed. The most important is keeping the pressure light and under water

      • MHT

        Thanks a lot dear Justin for your prompt reply.