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The difference between white opal and crystal opal

In this video we explain the difference between white opal and crystal opal.

White opal

  • N8 and N9 on the body tone scale
  • Translucent
  • Not usually as bright as crystal opal

Crystal Opal

  • N7 – N8 on the body tone scale
  • Semi transparent
  • Can exhibit brighter color than white opal

As with all opal, grading can be subjective. There is a fine line between crystal opal and white opal – both could be N8 on the body tone scale and then it becomes a matter of opinion. As always, you need to use the scale as a guide only. Ultimately it is about what appeals directly to you or the wearer that counts!

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  • William carbury

    hi justin how are you can you tell me the differences between raw opal opal rubs and nobby opal can you show on video and if not then to just tell mer and wat is better than the author if there is comparison mabe in grade william glitter boy

    • Blackopaldirect

      HI William The difference is opal rubs have been preshaped from it rough state so you get a better picture of what you can cut out. It takes the risk away from buying and you still get to cut and polish the opal. I hope this helps 🙂 I have some new parcels here

      • William carbury

        thanks justin hope you and the family are fine and well william glitter boy