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Comment and win this opal UPDATED

win this opal


We have a winner.Β  Congratulations Sze-Ying Sim!

Here is the video we make of the draw here on the opal fields at Lightning Ridge.

Winner Drawn for Opal Competition

Thank you so much to everyone who entered. All your comments were gratefully appreciated. We are so happy to serve you all and glad that you enjoy opal as much as we do.

You could WIN this opal by answering one or both of these questions below.

Answer both questions and you will have two chances to win! Become a subscriber and we will give you another chance in the draw (if you are already a subscriber you’ll automatically get another chance to win).

That’s good odds hey!

The Questions

1. Where online did you first find Black Opal Direct?Β  Eg Google, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, bush walking πŸ™‚


2. If you have bought from us – what has your experience been like?

REMEMBER TO LOG IN TO COMMENT. Answering as a guest is fine but if you win we won’t have an email to contact you with πŸ™

So, answer one or both questions plus be a subscriber to our newsletter and you’ll have up to 3 chances to win this opal.


The winner will be drawn next Friday 5pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). If you are in the Lightning Ridge for the Opal Festival come on down to say hi and we may even get you to draw the winner!

*Opal is a semi-black valued at $199

  • jeff


  • Marlene Strait

    Google. Love that stone, subscriber as well. Thanks

  • Ed Vacietis

    gemfish on ebay

  • Ray Lahti

    Google. All purchases from Black Opal Direct have been good values.

  • Rachel Morgan

    Found you guys on Facebook looking for nice opals to wire wrap into a nice pendant :3 I’m a subscriber as well!

  • Rod Lauman

    eBay was my first contact have always had excellent service and stones from Justin.

  • Terry Cecil

    My sweet, and very supportive, husband found you after I took a course in cutting opals. He recommended that I check you out.
    I just bought my first parcel and am slowly working my way through them, candling and photographing them so I have a record of what I started with and what I was able to make out of it. They got here in a timely manner and so far I’ve been pleased.
    I have been a subscriber for a month or so.

  • Rod Lauman

    eBay was my first contact and how I found out about Black Opal Direct. I have received many interesting parcels and stones from Justin over time, good value.

  • John Vargas

    I found Black Opal Direct on Facebook, I am a subscriber and
    we have corresponded several times.

  • Caroline

    Google. I am also a subscriber. I purchased an opal from you a few months ago. I was a bit nervous ordering one over the internet. It arrived in a timely fashion and was even more beautiful in person. I had it made into a pendant. Every jeweler that saw it commented on what a nice opal it was. I can’t wait to have another opal made into another piece of jewelry.

  • Bruce O’Rourke

    I love Black Opal Direct, I found your page on Facebook. I have not bought from Black Opal Direct yet but when I buy my first opal I definitely will.

  • Steve Gridley

    I first learned of your opal while cruising eBay. I purchased 300+ carats of rough from you that I plan to cut and polish after I complete my geology grad work this fall. The lot is a good mix with great color and one super nice black piece with a great color bar I can’t wait to expose. I also subscribe and find Justin’s knowledge indespensible.

  • rochelle

    I found you through Google. I subscribed and hope to buy from you soon, beautiful opals! Love all the bits of information given as well.

  • Richie

    A1: Yahoo search engine
    A2: My experience with Justin & Ruth regarding my purchases have been excellent. When it comes to purchasing Opal, the purchaser (myself in this example) is usually very meticulous, asks many questions, sends many emails, makes International phone calls to ask more questions, of which some have already been answered previously via emails πŸ™‚ and orders multiple stones to look at in person because they can’t make up their mind without seeing the stones in person, even though the videos are spot on in the way they display the Opal.
    Just as important as the purchaser is the seller, of course. The sellers, Justin and Ruth, are just as, and even more so in love with Opal as I am. They both have a lot of patience, respond to emails very quickly, and answer as many questions as you have to ask them about the Opals you’re looking at, and about anything else the conversation turns to.
    I’ve had the opportunity to speak with both Justin and Ruth, as well as communicating with them via many emails. Two of the nicest people I’ve never met πŸ™‚
    The videos Justin has on his website, including the vids of the Opals as well as the tutorials, and especially the videos of him with his Dad Jurgen, give you some insight on the type of guy Justin is, as well as his Family. Speaking and conversing with them reinforces that the Family you are purchasing from are of upmost integrity, as friendly as can be, and you can not only be confident in your purchase, but also enjoy your journey along the way. And then when you open that package which arrives in the mail, Wow!
    Thanks for a great experience.
    And I look forward to more purchases in the future!

    • Ruth BT

      Aww, Richie, you make us blush with your kind words – thank you!

      • Richie

        My pleasure, and well deserved πŸ˜‰

  • Anthony Davis

    Saw ya guys on you tube an Facebook an Ben very handy to have around for iding opal πŸ˜‰ . Never bought hope one day πŸ˜‰

  • WendySue Hagins

    I found you through google web searches. I love your work!!! I’ve been a subscriber for a few months now.

  • Nathaniel Shelley

    the first time i find Black Opal Direct was on YouTube i was searching about mining Opal and i opened your channel Black Opal Direct and since then i follow your work you are the best m/ πŸ™‚

  • Paul T. Moore

    Rebecca Gray turned me on to you guys, then of course Facebook which loo was me to website. I just recently started cutting opals and it slowly has become an obsession! Haven’t purchased yet but eventually will.

  • Sharon Powless

    I think i found you on Facebook. I haven’t been able to buy anything from you yet. It is something I would like to be able to do someday.

  • graham

    First found your site through google search, have purchased many stones from you over the past couple of years. Your descriptions have always been accurate and your service prompt, thanks for the beautiful stones that have passed through my hands!

  • Donna Burnsed Wuenst

    I would love to win this beautiful stone. I didn’t log in as I am on my phone and couldn’t find the log in . I receive your newsletter and have bought from you before love your stones
    Donna Wuenst

  • April Kristie

    1. Found Black Opal Direct with You tube. The videos Justin created gave me a step by step process into the world of opal cutting. I am self taught with Justin’s unknowing help. I not only cut opals but also most lapidary.
    2. I have purchased opal from Justin and Black Opal Direct quite a few times. From my first parcels where I cut my teeth learning and practicing on nobbies. Then after I invested in cutting gear and felt confident utilizing Justin’s you tube videos. I purchased a parcel or two and a few single pieces. Always the best at fair dinkum! And Justin answered my questions via email about pricing and quality of my finished product. That was four years ago. I am now confident and able to consider myself much more than a novice! Thanks it’s all been a great ride with Black Opal Direct!

  • krakit

    1. I first saw Justin’s Black Opal Direct on YouTube.
    2. I have not purchased yet but have opal friends that have and they are over the top with joy with the service and quality of Justin’s opal. I also have had a few decent talks with Justin and there is no more straight forward opal guy than him.

  • Don

    It was right after bush walking. After all the talk about Justin and his most excellent opal I had to come home and look him up on eBay. Everything I was told is absolutely true. I’ve cut a bit of opal myself, but its easy to see who the pro is here.
    Please accept my condolences for your loss, Justin. I
    watched the video of you and your father. What a great relationship you two
    seemed to have. Take care, I’ll be back again soon.

  • Brian Rafferty

    1. was down on my luck and heard that opal was lucky and came across B.O.D. online. I noticed a L5 stone in one of the rub parcels and snapped it up.
    2. now that i have a L5 stone i can afford a N1B5 stone.. thanks!!!

  • Norman

    I found Black Opal Direct on google. I am continuously studying the web for current opal dealers and market status. Iv’e recently made my first purchase and it will be one of many as the quality and price were outstanding.

  • yuri

    Where online did you first find Black Opal Direct? on facebook of course…If you have bought from us – what has your experience been like? of course it like the first love at first sight…love black opal

  • Richard Sobocinski

    Found you using a search engine ( Don’t remember which one Bing or Google). Bought a crystal Opal from you and have been very happy with the purchase.

  • Michael Kellett

    HI been cutting opal for about 15 years and I love it im a true opalaholic I only cut opal in the lower quality,my dream has always been to go minning opal in austrailia but will always be a dream.
    I first found opal direct on e-bay they have the best black opal on there.
    Although the prices can be eye watering sometimes but that’s what you pay for the best

  • colton simianer

    Bush walking really like opal and was looking for a good supplier and man did I find one best and first stuff I have bought from them good work and nice looking opal if anyone is skeptic on buying black opal online you deffenitly could trust that black opal direct will blow you expatations out the water thanks again for everything

  • Drache

    I have bought from Justin and talked with him on Skype about my order before buying. Justin is honest and does not hide anything. I would buy from him again, and I do.

    I first found his site while looking up black opal rough web sites.

  • richard barrett

    I came by Black Opal Direct looking into opals on Google, and compared quality and price and direct ordered and used paypal

  • richard barrett

    I bought my 1st lot and got 3x my investment back, and along the way had to ask help from Justin, I have never had such an outstanding business experience with anyone else, not only did I make money but got a great education along the way with Justins videos and by asking some really dumb questions that were answered as if I were an equal in the trade which I am very far from. OUT STANDING EXPERIENCE

  • Ridgey

    I found you Justin years ago on Ebay when you were indelibly stamping flashes of colour in Peoples dreams and more recently , hookin’ into one of your Kilo T-Bones…I have not bought from you but I ( and the Opal Group) appreciates the efoort you go to in sharing the dream. ;)…I haven’t had much to do with your Daughter Ruth but she has a good Dad.

  • Robert Wyllie

    1. A friend got me very interested in black opal and while researching it I found your youtube and then your web site!!!

    2. My experience was excellent! The questions I had were answered in fast and personable emails. The shipping to the states was fast and wonderful as well! I love both of the black opals I bought. Blue and green are just so stunning. πŸ™‚

  • Rickie Colvin

    I found you on youtube I bought a rough opal which is beautiful now I need the equipment and training to make a gem of it. BTW OPAL is my birthstone πŸ˜‰

  • Bernard Lac

    The first time i find Black opal Direct was in FACEBOOK and I know you’r the best Opal Lovers.

  • Sue Long

    I found via facebook , and I LOVE your opals! Gorgeous!!

  • P Dubb

    I googled opal cutting after a trip to Yowah and got your amazing website and video tutorials… And Facebook updates! It’s been almost 3 years since that trip (and subscribing!) As soon as my cutting skills are worthy of your opals, I’ll be buying!

  • Enid

    I saw you at Facebook… I love this stone.. the ways it reflects light and changes color. . Like a rainbow.. love to have one of your stones

  • David A. Smith

    Actually it was on eBay (2009) where I first came in contact with Black Opals Direct (By way of my wife’s suggestion), which brought me to my “First” purchase of a Parcel of Rough and I have never bought my Rough Opals from any other miner! I’m proud to say that each parcel has yielded at least one stone that paid for the entire parcel. I have quite a collection of video’s compiled in my office for reference. Thanks Justin, my choice for “Top Opal Product” five years running!

  • Chad Godt

    1. I found you on Google.
    2. I had a great experience buying and the stone was beautiful and made a great engagement ring!

  • Gabor

    I first saw Black Opal Direct on Facebook! Haven’t bought from you yet but definitely will in the future!

  • Pat Glenday

    I first found Black Opal Direct through a Google search. I have bought from you and the experience was first class. I was wary of buying something as valuable as opal online, from a company so far away, but you responded to my initial email within hours and the opal itself arrived only a few days later, which was pretty amazing considering I live in one of the remotest parts of Scotland, where local mail can take up to a week to arrive. I was not disappointed. The opal is beautiful and as described on the website. I’m saving up to buy another one. The website is great and I like the wee updates and videos that we receive from you. I feel as though I have stood in your workshop and watched you cut and polish opal. Maybe, one day….

  • Cigi Mills

    I found you on Facebook. A friend of mine shared one of your photos.

  • Jada Baker

    saw a posting on facebook and since I love opals been following ever since

  • Sheri Mccormick-Lewis

    I found you on YouTube by following your tutorials! Then joined you on FB! πŸ™‚ keep up the great info

  • Blazej Klestinec

    I was looking for some black opal on ebay and opalauctions and this is how I get to Blac Opal Direct. I haven’t ordered yet, but sometimes in the future I will, lot of beautiful stones in the offer. Justin was very willing to answer my questions about opals, when I was a newbie and did not know as much about these beautiful stones.

  • zana

    Visiting Sydney from Europe I was told by opal shop to look you up online and I’m very pleased I did as my fascination in the stones has now grown and I love studying them

  • Brandon Johnston

    I first found out about these amazing opals from a friend recommendation and on google. Very soon I will be purchasing an amazing opal from this website. Justin is a trustworthy and honourable seller.

  • Wendy Harris

    Many years ago I used to go to a gemstone fair in Harrogate England , there used to be a stallholder called Opal Eric, who allowed you to fish different grades of opals from bowls of water ,and I was fascinated .
    I first found Black Opal Direct when I searched opal on facebook .
    Twisted my husbands arm and made a purchase almost a year ago for my birthday,and was really happy when my opal arrived .

  • Lucia Palaoro

    I’m an opal lover and an opal cutter not as a job , only for passion. I usually watch rough opals on Ebay, where I’ve found Justin, from there I came on the website. I bought quite a lot of roughs here and I have always been more than happy with the purchases! Justin is honest and really nice in communication, hope I could meet him in person one day.

  • David Sahadi

    I was an opal dealer at one time and found Justin on eBay, where I primarily sold. I was impressed the quality of his product and the feedback he received. Having top notch feedback myself I knew the effort he put into each and every customer and each and every sale. I found his website to be amazing. After I left the business (got a “day gig”) I did some buying from Justin. I found his pictures and his descriptions to be right on and his product to be a good value. Add that to the wealth of knowledge he imparts with his videos, he is a true treasure to the Australian opal industry.

  • Ilaria Vegetti

    Hi Justin, when I decided that opals are my favourite stone I try to learn all about. So I search on internet and I find YOU. I’m so happy had the chance to meet you in Aussi. It was the best travel ever for me..never forget your “gentilezza” and your italian coffee made for us.
    I buy some roght from you…and I cut special gems that I put on my jewels.
    Sorry for my english. And thanks a lot for all.

  • Sue McNab

    I first saw you on youtube looking for a video to learn how to cut opal. That was two years ago. I love your videos Justin and your opals!!!!

  • Michelle Woollett Mortel

    For Question 1. I found Black Opal Direct on Facebook. Seeing this opal bought back many memories of my younger years living in Walgett and my dad had shares in an opal mine at Lightning Ridge. I still have some opal jewellery which was purchase at The Ridge. My mother and father have passed away 19 years ago and they both loved opals.

  • wanda ll

    I found you on You tube. Love You Tube a person can learn almost anything on there. Your videos are the best I’ve never seen so many beautiful colors of fire. Opals are so different than any other stone too each one unique in color. My dear penpal sent me a very tiny small one from Australia many many years ago. I treasures it to this day. She has now passed away.

  • Paul Grant

    Hi Justin, after speaking with you on Facebook I then searched Black Opal Direct on Google and also subscribed to your channel Youtube. I have really enjoyed all your tutorials and I wish you and your family all the success in the months to come. Cheers Paul

  • Sandra Robertson

    Found you through internet search and yes I have purchased, but it was some time ago. To be honest, its why I keep coming back here. I love the information you give out, and I know what I buy is the real thing.

  • Dave Conger

    I found Black Opal Direct on Ebay which led me to go to their website. I was looking for an expert opal cutter. I live in Canada where opal suppliers are few and far between. We have a jewellery store and were asked to replace an opal in a ring that was damaged due to wear. After some easy correspondence with Justin and permission from the customer, I sent the ring to Justin to be sure the new stone would fit (it was slightly free-form shape). Two weeks later we received the ring and new opal which exceeded our expectations. I will return to do business with B.O.D. again. Great job!

  • Douglas Duke Taylor

    Good morning Justin! I stumbled across your site while googling “rough opal”…Regards, Douglas

  • Melanie Hayes

    I first found you guys through Google! I had been searching for quite some time…. On a quest to find a perfect opal for my anniversary!

  • Danny Wiley

    I found Black Opal Direct a few years ago while starting to learn how to cut and polish Australian Opal. There are not too many videos on how to do this and I ran across a video of Justin and his father discussing the process. Justin makes the best videos on how to work with opals. I have never purchased from Black Opal Direct, but hope to one day. Thanks Justin for all your information and knowledge and these amazing opals.

  • Joseph Fusco


  • David Florea

    1. Google search. 2. Ive purchased and you have always ben fair and upfront. Ive got some nce opals from you.

  • Margie Harper

    Justin, I found you on youtube as I was just getting interested in opals, and your instructional videos are what convinced me to move forward and learn to cut rough and discover for myself the beauty of opals.

  • Steve Diskin

    Justin you have put a sense and love for the most beautiful gemstone deep into my heart. It’s your dedication and education of the OPAL that makes all the difference. You are certainly carrying on Dads legacy. Thank you and keep hunting.

  • Carolyn Clevinger

    I discovered Black opal direct on goggle. I was looking for boulder opals to make a pendant. When I found your website I saw incredible and beautiful opals. I’ve bought several boulder opals from other sites years ago. When I’m able to I’ll find one from your website. I love watching the educational videos that Justin puts together. I’ve learned a lot about opals. I have a passion for opals. It’s my birthstone.

  • alica

    1. – Google – I was searching for opals for inlay
    2.- I can say,that I never met a person like Justin before,I needed some advices and he helped me a lot as it was my fisrt time I tried to work with opal and had no idea how and what πŸ™‚ ,he sent me a packet of small opal pieces – it was exactly what I needed,I am really satisfied πŸ™‚

  • Starr Southern Hagen

    I first found your site on Google. So impressed with all your opals.

  • Nancy Friedman

    I found Opal Direct by using Google and using search term black opal.

  • Nancy Friedman

    I had an A + experience buying a 40 ct semi black rough opal that Justin then cut for me and shipped to me in the United States.

  • Jim Davidge

    I discovered you on Ebay, Yes, I have bought from you before?!?!!? I use to be a happy content person, but since I discovered BOD I am now obsessed with OPAL!! Justin has managed to turn me into a “Opal-a-holic”. Now I am finding myself on the polishing machine day in and day out looking for the wonders inside the black and grey dirt we call opal. Yes, Opal is addicting and I owe it all to BOD.
    Jim Davidge

  • Amy Miller

    I have always been fascinated by opals – and, most particularly, black opals. I found Black Opal Direct when I started Google-ing reputable sellers of opals. Although I have not yet made a purchase through you, I have learned SO much through your website from tutorials and informative articles about what to look for in opal stones. I am planning on possibly making a purchase, in the future, of one of your stones to be made into an article of jewelry.

  • Michael Rohman

    I noticed a side ad on Facebook one day and being an opal cutter/carver myself I had to check your company out. You’ve got some very nice opal!

  • Michael Rohman

    Let’s see, I’ve bought both a rough piece and a finished gem. The rough looked like an opalized eye with a black potch center surrounded by real firey grayish white. The finished gem was a 0.63ct. black marquise. Both are nice additions to my collection.

  • Robert

    I had googled “Australian Black Opal” 3-4 years ago and came across this site. Was very impressed and signed up for the newsletter. Have learned valuable tips on cutting and polishing opal that I had not picked up in the trade here in the U.S. for over 40 years since I started cutting. We love this site!

  • Guest

    I love opals…and subscribed to you site

  • Stephanie Calcavecchio

    love opals found you through google haven’t purchased yet but I do plan to I am a subscriber to your site

  • Dianna Austin

    Faebook and I love that opal.

  • jofried

    I found blackopaldirect by web searching in google. I wanted to find out what is an opal and how can I come to true informations about values and prices. I had a lot of mails with Justin and bought some pretty stones. Justin is raelly a specialist in opals and a man of honor. Now I apppreciat that he has got a friend of mine. Thanks!

  • Colleen

    I used to have an opal similar to this and someone stole it from me. . .wish I had it back.

  • Ben Addoms

    I found Black Opal Direct through Google search. I love cutting opal, and have been a lapidary and an opal collector for 40 years now. I’ve come close to buying rough parcels from Justin a few times now, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Great to see all the positive feedback from customers and it will definitely make me more comfortable with purchasing from the site.

  • Becky Palmer

    I saw your site when I googled black opals and went to your page on Facebook. I seem to see the oddest things in black opals, lol.

  • Mary Ball

    I first seen your opals on facebook, and fell in love instantly.. Opals being my birth stone must be part of why I love this stone, they are so diverse and different from any gem in the world, most beautiful colors. Nothing can compare. This free piece your giving away would be a beautiful necklace. I have not purchased from you in the past but will in the future.

  • Art Edson

    Referred through comments on the Opal Forum from

  • Kaye Mills Combs

    I found you on google while researching black opals. Your website is direct and more informative than any other website I’ve checked. I’m always happy to read your newsletters. I feel that I’ve learned enough from your newsletters and website to make well informed purchases. Thank you.

  • John Cooney

    I first found info to Black Opal Direct on youtube while looking at videos on opal cutting. I like how easy Justin makes it look to cut opal. I’ve yet to buy any opal from Black Opal Direct but I’d love to own some in the future. I believe it is some of the most beautiful opal on the market by far. Keep up the good work Black Opal Direct!!! I love to see the pictures of your opals on Facebook and Black Opal Direct.

  • Karl Nichols

    found you on Facebook love your Opals haven’t made a purchase yet.

  • RCB

    If I remember right, I ran a search on Google for Black Opal Rough, or something to that effect. Haven’t made a purchase…yet. For now, I just subscribe to your Youtube channel & follow posts on my new feed in Facebook.

  • peter

    1. Googled for opals. Saw you on you tube. 2. Still enjoy every stone I bought from you ! Sorry, I don’t login, don’t wanna share friend list & profile.

  • Teresa

    As a lady of great taste but alas meagre means, winning an opal may be the way to go! Have been a subscriber to Black Opals Direct for 2 years, the videos are very informative and Justin’s comments are honest.

  • Christy Turner

    It has been some time since I discovered you. I believe I found you on Google, researching opal types. I had trouble explaining to my friends what makes a black opal a black opal. I think this was about the time you started Black Opal Direct. I found that you had a very comprehensive way to explain differences in body, tone and structure (without putting people to sleep!)
    I have bought from Black Opal Direct and have been happy every time. The opals are strong, with good color and at a good price. I never have to worry about what I am going to get when I purchase from Black Opal Direct. The workmanship is incredible, each stone is buffed to show the best color and has an impeccably smooth exterior.
    The talent your father had has definitely been passed on to you! Thank you for sharing that with us.

  • Theresa Hanssen

    I found you on facebook. I haven’t bought anything, but would love to in the future. I’ll never forget the first Black Opal I saw on display in a Jewerly store….It was in Houston TX at a department store, maybe 40ys ago. I can’t describe how I felt seeing one for the first time.

    • Theresa, Thank you for responding, I’m still learning my way around “Disqus” I think you’ll find that what I sell is much more affordable than you think, I live in a Rural area and people are loving these when they compare to the box stores, and then at a Jewelry store I’m a very happy medium, Thanks to Justin @ B.O.D, because the quality in his gems is always there, and affordable

    • be glad to have you just looking check Howling At The Moon Custom Jewelry on facebook pages for more photo’s

  • O’Neill

    1. I was wandering around the internet looking for boulder opal. My aunt gave me a pendant made from boulder many moons ago and I stumbled on to Justin’s videos. I was struck by Justin’s generosity of spirit, a true teacher, sharing knowledge and experience, not hoarding it. I found this remarkable. It was because of these videos I bought a dremel and started carving and buying black opal. I love the descriptive videos.

    2. My purchasing experience is such that I return to buy from Justin and Ruth again and again.

    • Blackopaldirect

      Thank you for the kindest words πŸ™‚

  • Grethe Bendixen

    I found your videos and signed up to learn more – I found opals several years ago and wanted to cut them. I `m from Denmark and there is no cource here so i`m so glad to find you Justin – best regards from Grethe

  • Tony butler

    When I was having a couple of drinks with your Dad at the Bowling Club. I miss him what a great bloke

    • Blackopaldirect

      Thanks Tony I miss him

  • Whit McMillan

    1) I was directed to your site by my wife who is obviously aware of my opal addiction. She found the site looking for black opal rough on the internet (google search).
    2) I haven’t yet but plan to soon.

  • Mark

    I found BOD on Google, and by far you are the best.Love your newsletters and videos. The opal I bought from you was great,and the process was easy. Thanks Justin, Mark

  • Joe weeks

    Someone on Facebook posted about black opal direct, so I began following. I have never bought a piece, I am looking to in the near future though! So much love for these beautifully composed atoms.

  • Sze-Ying Sim

    Found your on FB and got an awesome little black opal from you. Yes the prices may appear steep at times but the quality is superb indeed!

  • I started cutting Spencer Opal over 30 years ago and then recently found your site through searching for opal rough on google. your rocks are amazing and inspiring!

  • Anthony Davis

    You tube then Facebook from the website Saw lot of cool an sparkly opals An great work

  • Rickie Colvin

    I am soo glad I found you. these are the most exciting stones in the world found you thru an online search and bought a beautiful rough stone.

  • Dianne Ackary Whelan

    i was cyber kidnapped and dragged into some random opal room on facey …. someone had the hide to hang shit on me!! … sweet innocent me!!! … so it was on!! .. then someone swallowed an opal and the rest is history πŸ˜›

  • Luke Eli

    First found on YouTube when looking for opal cutting videos. They were very informative. Since I subscribed to black opal direct I really enjoy receiving the mail updates and video links. Thanks Justin!

  • rosemary martinelli

    I first saw the beautiful black opals on your page on facebook.

  • Marna Jensen

    Opal Auctions, Google, Youtube, Twitter πŸ™‚

  • Dave Scholte

    The first time for me was on the youtube.
    The short educational films were very useful.
    I learn how to cut cabochon by watching your video’s. for that i would say, Thank you very much blackopaldirect.
    A little later we also meet on facebook.

    Unfortunate i was not able to buy a beautifull opal from your shop. Hopeful that wil change in the future.

  • Brandon K Gray

    I first ran across black opal direct from a posting on ebay. I have made a few small purchases from Justin and everything went absoutly great. I have also reached out to him from time to time on advise sbout different things relating to opal cutting and he took the time to answer every question I had. I gave been following Black Opal Direct for about 4 to 5 years now. Justin does his customers right and from what I’ve seen has never done any of them wrong. Great guy and awsome business. Buy Black Opal Direct!!!!!

  • nakinna atkins

    i first heard about black opal direct on facebook about a year or so ago

  • nakinna atkins

    facebook about a year or so ago

  • Micah Derieg

    1. Youtube. Justin’s videos are great. I don’t know how TV works but if Justin got his own reality show it would be a hit. And they’re honest and informative too!

    2. I’m a beginner but I jumped in with a 1450usd parcel and have been very happy. Allot of top quality material, the product video was super accurate. The two best stones I bet could each pay for the whole parcel and more -as long as I don’t ruin them. The color in all the stones has been amazing. I did miss on a few chances but they were good chances. I’m already saving for my next purchase.

  • Leticia Toth

    1. In facebook.
    2. Actually I didn’t buy anything,but I’m planning.

    Leticia Toth

  • Leticia Toth

    1. In facebook

  • Rebecca

    1. I found Black Opal Direct through facebook searching for opals.
    2. I have not ordered from Black Opal Direct before but I would LOVE to. Right now money is tight so all I can do it browse the website, admire and wish. πŸ™‚

  • Found you on Instagram

  • I found Justin and Black Opal Direct on google when searching about Opal, and compared what I saw as quality and price, plus a much better overlook to opal than any other place I looked, so I placed an order, that was the best single investment I have ever, I got back 3x my original investment, but a really valuable education in the process from Justin in emails and videos, Great experience

  • Jon Tittle

    I was first introduced to Justin and his website via ebay.

    I’ve purchased 2 gorgeous opals and Justin’s service and communication have been exceptional. I hope to purchased more in the future.

  • Julie Stilts

    1) I found your website by doing a search on While clicking through television channels I paused briefly to watch a jewelry shopping channel because a ring they had up for auction caught my eye … it was a Lightening Ridge Black Opal. I wanted to learn more about this stunning stone and your website was the one that I chose to visit.
    2) I have not purchased from your website but really hope to in the future!

    Hoping to win this lovely opal!

  • Hi there, I found you on google while I was researching for my fiancΓ© wedding ring. I found a beautiful blue green opal a perfect size for an engagement ring. Buying the opal was a breeze, fast shipment. Couldn’t be happier.i had a bespoke jeweller make a ethical white gold ring with ethical diamonds and some flowery carvings. My fiancΓ© loves it. Thank you.

  • Sam Lee

    Opal is such a mysterious thing that once you start to get involved, you just can’t get out of it. Justin has helped me to have a better appreciation of opal with the information he shared in his web site. Dealing with him I can be sure that I will get what I paid for with confidence.

  • I was searching black opal on google after seeing a “black opal” on ebay. Wanted to research the product before I purchased one for myself. I’m glad I did the research, these are much lovelier.

  • I fount Black Opal Direct on facebook while researching opals before i started cutting. I haven’t purchased yet but i did try lol. I was talking to you about a matching pair for some earrings but i’m guessing life had you busy at that time and i ended up getting some at a local show. You have always been a wealth of information and your stones are always breathtaking. Love to see the passion you have for them.

  • Bobbi

    I found Black Opal Direct on a google search. I have had no complaints with this company. The videos are great. They help me to experience short classes on the subject of opal cutting. Thanks.

  • Bill Sluyter

    First found the cutting and polishing video’s on youtube. I have been a fan for over a year and applied the lessons learned to cutting and polishing jade and agate.

    Brilliant video’s with much to offer and many lessons to learn.

  • Iain Au-Yong

    As you know been buying from the very beginning on ebay with the amazing blue nobbies.

    Easily the best Australian opals and customer service on the web. I am always well looked after and have a wonderful collection of stones from Justin.

  • Harley Howland


    I first found Black Opal Direct on Google while searching for images and sources of Black Opal from Lightning Ridge. After viewing every video on your website, I decided that you were really interested in helping people learn about opal and the best way to to buy, cut, finish, and mount these beautiful gems.

    I have since purchased several parcels of rough and rubs from you and have had absolutely fantastic luck in finding some exquisite gems β€œburied in the sand”. Your service has been outstanding and I look forward to buying many more parcels.

    Keep the terrific informational videos and beautiful opals coming!

    Harley Howland

  • marie lands

  • Michael VonRiesen

    First found Black Opal Direct on E-bay. Great company and as a jewelry maker I love to put their items into our custom made Jewelry. Black Opal Direct is very professional and friendly. You can tell they have been in the business for generations…

  • Michael VonRiesen

    Great buying experience. It is hard to get top quality opals without having to fly to the outback. Justin and his team make it possible for people like me to save some money and still receive fair prices on gemstones. Thanks guys…

  • Richie

    Hi Justin.

    I can’t see any replies.
    I do see “Leave a reply” and the text box which I’m writing in now,
    but I don’t see the Disqus icon as I used to see before.
    When I click on a “reply” someone posted, I get the leave a reply box.
    This issue started after the winner was picked for the Opal.
    Prior to that, I was able to log in and see everyone’s reply.
    Now I don’t see anyone’s reply.
    Hope this helps.

  • Bill Pickett

    I found you on Google. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at working with Opal’s so I looked for what I thought was the best and now have purchased a beginners pack and I’m looking forward to getting started. I’m hoping this begins a long and fun relationship with you folks at Lightning Ridge. Thanks, bp

  • Lee

    Jason, How’s it going? Did you Sale alot of opals, @ the gem show. I was wondering if you
    Were back in Australia again.