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How to change a lapidary wheel on your machine

In this video Justin shows you how to change a lapidary wheel on your machine.



  • M H Tehrani

    Hi Justin,

    That was a good video.A lapidarist must know about the machine he uses. It helps him/her a lot and does not effect his/her work when something goes wrong when he is working on it. Also it is quite important to know about how to put your opals on lac remove them undamaged after doing the necessary work.

    • Blackopaldirect

      Thanks MHT Maintenance is important to keep your equipment in perfect working order

  • Greg Harvey

    Hi all,
    Great video Justin,I think another simple way to help people in regards to spindle shafts with threads is that on any machine that the shaft rotates towards the user in this case means that the nut on the left hand side of the machine is a left handed thread and is always self tightening in the direction of the rotation so to undo the nut on a threaded spindle you undo it in the same direction of the rotation of the shaft undoing it in a clockwise rotation.If you where removing the wheels or a diamond blade at the other end of the machine the same rule applies in the direction of the rotation this being the right hand side of the machine it is a right handed thread which is also self tightening and is undone in a anti clockwise rotation. This being said both nuts do not have to be done up too tight when putting the nuts back on again this will save putting to much torque on the nut which may damage the wheel or strip the thread on the spindle shaft.
    Greg Harvey

    • Blackopaldirect

      Perfect Greg. You are right! Thanks for commenting