Black Opal Direct History

Watch the video and see the timeline of our life in opal and the Black Opal Direct History. My father Jurgen Thomas was the founder of our passion and drove the inspiration for us to be where we are today.

  • Paul Robins Jr

    Hey Justin,
    Hope life is treating you well !! Warm weather has hit Colorado very early this year so I am outside working most of the time. Still find some time to play with the rough I bought from you. There are some interesting blacks in the parcel I got. The crystal ones don’t do much for me but that is just a matter of preference. I was wondering what the name of your hole (mine) is ?? I ran across a vid that had a hole called “Frog Hollow” and was just wanting to know what you call yours for future reference.
    I can’t buy any more opals right now cause I had to work on my trucks, but I will !! YEE HAW Have a fun day and I will message you again sometimes.
    Paul Jr.

    • Hey Paul Thanks for the comment and nice to see you still around my friend. The opal mine is called Wyoming were you got the opal from. NO worries on the opal buying mate, you will be back again one day. And also I would love to see your finished products?? Regards Justin

  • rachel

    hi justin, just wanted to say that for an amateur, i have found your vid instructions more helpful than anything so far. I went from looking up my birthstone to completely obsessed and ordering parcels in a week. Right now i dont have the funds to invest in proper equipment, so i was wandering if you could give a few tips on working with a small budget. thanks, -rachel

    • Blackopaldirect

      Hi Rachel Thank you for the really nice comments Working with opal is quite easy and inexpensive when you can use a dremel with diamond tips and softer tips as well for polishing. That way you should be able to get started for about $300. You can buy a dremel from a hardware store. Variable speeds. Eventually you will want to upgrade to opal cutting machine and life will become som much faster and easier for you. But until then you can get to know opal and its hardness and also the way the colors work. I hope this helps